“Allowing you to focus”

If you are too busy to read about Parsonage’s other services, but you know your finances are not well-organised, you need our Active Client Management service.

The first thing we’ll do is streamline your financial records, including anything from bank statements and pension records to inland revenue correspondence, share certificates and premium bond certificates.

We’ll develop a financial plan for you, based on your objectives.

We’ll make recommendations to improve your finances and implement them for you.

We’ll stay in touch with you to make sure that your finances remain well-organised, to ensure that you remain on-track to meet your financial objectives, and to update your financial plan as your needs and circumstances change.

We’ll correspond with your other professional advisers and your assistants. For example, we will supply your accountant with as much as we can to prepare your tax return.

We’ll communicate with you whichever way suits you best – letter, phone call, email, messenger, SMS – or any combination of those, and any other you can think of.

You need to begin by telling us what you need most and giving us details of your current arrangements. We’ll do the rest.

Get in touch to discuss what we can do for you.