Our process for advising you has been honed over many years to make sure that we focus on your objectives, your risk profile and the benefits and pitfalls of the solutions that might suit you.

Our process covers these stages 

  • We will need to get to know you, just as you will need to meet us and find out whether our services suit you. This meeting focuses on your aims and objectives.  There's no charge for this meeting if you're able to visit us.
  • Our next meeting will explore your goals further to check our understanding of the help you need from us. We will explain the work we recommend and explain the cost of that advice before we start work, so that you stay in control.
  • We now begin our detailed information fact-finding from you to make sure that our advice takes into account your full circumstances. We consider your assets, liabilities, investments, a cash flow check, your current insurance coverage, and the tax strategies you already use.
  • We undertake our research (before…)
  • We present the solutions we recommend for your approval. We will explain our recommendations to you so that you can make informed decisions and listen to your concerns to revise our recommendations if necessary.
  • Next, we implement our recommendations. We implement our financial planning recommendations ourselves so that we remain responsible for our advice at every stage.