• Tax Changes Threaten Buy To Let Profits

    Profit Risk to Buy To Let 2017

    New tax rules will come into effect on 6 April 2017. They will make buy-to-let less profitable for many.

    What is Changing?
    Currently, landlords deduct mortgage interest from their rental income, along with other costs so they don't pay tax on the rent,…

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  • What is going on at Deutsche Bank?

    Deutsche Bank Financial Security

    We asked our tame analyst, Steve Williams, for his thoughts about Deutche Bank, liquidity and patterns on 3rd October:

    In the good old days, when large financial institutions were on the brink of collapse they were bailed out. Cast your mind back to 1…

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  • Why is my property fund suspended?

    Property fund suspended

    This blog post is for you if you would like a ‘plain English’ explanation of the property fund suspensions, levies, postponed surrenders and property fund penalties that we have heard about recently.  

    In early July, property funds began to announce s…

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  • The New Single Tier Pension

    Single Tier Pension

    There is still confusion about the State Pension, and with the introduction of the single tier pension we thought it might be useful to clarify the changes:

    • The single tier pension was introduced from 6th April 2016. If you were already over State P…

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  • Lifetime ISA

    Pension nest egg

    I don’t think I was the only one who expected this year’s budget to be heavily pensions focussed. Thankfully it wasn’t, and that left a big space for the ‘headline act’. Step forward the new Lifetime ISA! Much like a ‘normal’ ISA.

    You can save money i…

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