• Why should I choose Parsonage?

    Because we're excellent.

    But we’re likely to say that.

    I mean, we would say that, wouldn't we? But, as it happens, we have some evidence for it:

    At Parsonage we understand that independent opinions and reviews really matter so we invite our customer…

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  • Why should I choose a Financial Adviser?

    Because we do this every day.

    What do you mean ‘this’? What do you actually do?

    ‘This’ means helping you to get your money into good shape, to be financially ready for the future.

    We are objective about your finances and that helps us to guide you…

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  • Why Should I Start Now?

    How pushy should I be with my answer to that?

    We’ve helped hundreds of people who are glad they got started, and wish they’d started sooner. They would say I should do anything I can to encourage you. So, today’s blog is short so you can click on the …

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  • Isn't financial advice for rich people?


    Financial advice is for rich people.

    But it's not only for rich people.

    Firstly, ask yourself who do you think of when you read the words ‘rich people’?

    Do you think of somebody that you know?

    Do you think of celebrities or business owners?…

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  • Why should I plan for the future?

    “Life is what happens to you

    While you're busy making other plans”

                                                                       - Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy), John Lennon

    Are you asking yourself if you should you plan for the future? Have you…

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