• Lifetime ISA

    Pension nest egg

    I don’t think I was the only one who expected this year’s budget to be heavily pensions focussed. Thankfully it wasn’t, and that left a big space for the ‘headline act’. Step forward the new Lifetime ISA! Much like a ‘normal’ ISA, you can save money in…

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  • Brexit investment update from Flora, Laura and Mal to our clients

    The news this morning has shocked stock markets and we understand that you will want to know how your investments will be affected.

    You might be wondering if you should sell out until the trouble blows over.  We expect lots of ups and downs in the next…

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  • Referendum Briefing

    What is really risky?

    The News often seems to affect stock market returns and the Brexit referendum on 23rd June is no different to that. There is certainly a lot of news on this topic, and quite right too; it is important. But are we missing a bigger picture? Perhaps. Let'…

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  • Are pensions too complicated?

    Fail to plan; Plan to Fail

    Well Andrew Haldane seems to think so!

    My usual morning scan of my generic news app led me to an interesting article this morning. The Bank of England's Andrew Haldane says he cannot make "the remotest sense of pensions" and many experts "have no clue…

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  • Cazenoves Fund Changes now that Schroders are in charge


    Now that Schroders are in charge, they have now turned their attention to making changes to their range of UK OEICs and unit trusts.

    Some of the fund names have changed, for example, the Strategic Bond funds are now named ‘Strategic Credit funds’.

    In a…

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