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  • Cazenove Fund Changes now that Schroders are in charge


    Fund changes  increase of approximately 0.1% in most cases Now that Schroders are in charge, they have now turned their attention to making changes to their range of UK OEICs and unit trusts. Some of the fund names have changed, for example, the Strategic Bond funds are now named ‘Strategic Credit funds’. In all cases, […]

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  • Budget 2014: What do the changes to pensions mean to you?

    Budget 2014 Pensons

    The 2014 budget has given us some very useful surprises, but what do they mean for you? Read on if ‘retirement’ will be in the next 12 months for you, because this could make a big difference. Pensions have seen very welcome changes for those who did not appreciate feeling compelled to swap their pension […]

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  • Protecting property from care home fees

    protect your home against care-home fees

    One aspect of estate planning and wills is what happens if you own a property with somebody else, You might own a property with a partner you are not married to, another family member or a business partner.  It is important for you to know whether you own it with them as ‘joint tenants’ or […]

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  • Cazenove’s UK Smaller Companies Fund – Closed to new business

    Cazenove’s UK Smaller Companies Fund – Closed to new business

    February 2014 You may have received a letter about your investment in Cazenove’s UK Smaller Companies Fund.  Skandia were first out of the blocks, sending out their letter on 27th December 2013.  Cofunds and Fidelity customers were notified in late January with a few later letters from other providers. Here’s an extract of our update to […]

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  • Check here for investment news

    We are starting an new category  to our website blog,  investmentnews.   Check here for Check here for investment news

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  • Pension Annual Allowance Change – April 2014

    Pension Annual Allowance Change 2014

    You may have noticed coverage in the press that the annual allowance for pension contributions – ‘pension input amounts’ – will reduce from £50,000 to £40,000 for the next tax year… having already reduced from £255,000 to £50,000 in April 2011.     The precise rules run to several pages of HMRC guidance and you […]

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  • How to make your investments grow faster!

    How to make your investments grow faster!

    Q: When is £121,665 the same as £127,628? A: When the difference is £18, of course. Okay. It’s rubbish as a joke or a maths question but I’ve been puzzled by this for some time now. The question I’m grappling with is ‘Should your financial advice fees be deducted from your investments, or should you […]

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  • How to boost your pension with tax relief

    boost your pension

    In a report published in the last couple of weeks by the Pensions Policy Institute director Chris Curry says that there is “little evidence” the £35bn a year spent on tax relief on pension contributions actually encourages pension saving among low and medium earners. The Institute has gone on to say that pension tax relief […]

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  • Are you planning to retire?

    Poverty in retirement

    Recent research by insurance giant Prudential has claimed that thousands of people will retire into poverty this year.  Almost 20% of people taking their state pension this year will be entering retirement on a total income of less than £8,254. (The level defined as poverty by the respected Joseph Rowntree Foundation). This year one person […]

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