Financial Planning

  • Avoid Awful exchange rates this summer – top five tips

    Here’s our short guide for you, we’ve borrowed the best bits from the Money Advice Service guide

    • You’ll probably need some actual cash for taxis etc, even if you’re going all inclusive. There are some great rates online – they deliver it to you.  …

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  • Why should I choose Parsonage?

    Because we're excellent.

    But we’re likely to say that.

    I mean, we would say that, wouldn't we? But, as it happens, we have some evidence for it:

    At Parsonage we understand that independent opinions and reviews really matter so we invite our customer…

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  • Why should I choose a Financial Adviser?

    Because we do this every day.

    What do you mean ‘this’? What do you actually do?

    ‘This’ means helping you to get your money into good shape, to be financially ready for the future.

    We are objective about your finances and that helps us to guide you…

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  • Why Should I Start Now?

    How pushy should I be with my answer to that?

    We’ve helped hundreds of people who are glad they got started, and wish they’d started sooner. They would say I should do anything I can to encourage you. So, today’s blog is short so you can click on the …

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  • Isn't financial advice for rich people?


    Financial advice is for rich people.

    But it's not only for rich people.

    Firstly, ask yourself who do you think of when you read the words ‘rich people’?

    Do you think of somebody that you know?

    Do you think of celebrities or business owners?…

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  • Why should I plan for the future?

    “Life is what happens to you

    While you're busy making other plans”

                                                                       - Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy), John Lennon

    Are you asking yourself if you should you plan for the future? Have you…

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  • How do I build my wealth?

    How do I build my wealth?

    Our blogs in the first few weeks of our campaign have got us in good control of our cash. We have set simple financial goals. We have begun to save what we can towards those goals, we’ve thought about our financial futures an…

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  • Why should I be in a pension scheme?

    Why should I be in a pension scheme?

    Good question.

    ‘Pension’ doesn’t make sense as a word, does it?

    If Apple were to reinvent pensions the way they reinvented computer software as apps they might go for naming them ‘tomorrow spender’ or something l…

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  • Why Should I Save?

    Saving makes you fitter and thinner and more popular.

    Okay maybe not completely, but it's sort of true.

    Saving money puts you in charge of some simple things. The secret that we have learned over time is that having that money saved really does make …

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  • Why Should I Set A Financial Goal?

    Parsonage Financial Planning

    Money is important. Whatever you think of it, having enough money is important.

    But Saving is not really fun.
    Saving for tomorrow means choosing to do without something today, and that is a difficult habit to get into.  I don't know what it feels like…

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  • Which is the best way to save for the future – An ISA or a Pension?

    ISA or pension

    Both ISA and Pensions offer savers big tax breaks that should not be overlooked especially at this time of year when many of us do our financial planning. While we are in a period of low interest rates and also, returns from many investments, are modes…

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  • 10 financial tips for business owners and senior managers

    Top financial tops

    This is a simple check list of financial tips to help you to get your personal finances in order.

    1. Pay off your credit cards every month – sounds simple but there is no point in saving if you have borrowings and this type of short term loan is very e…
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  • Are percentages confusing?

    Are percentages confusing?

    The regulator has recently said that financial planners should avoid percentages and use fractions instead.  At Parsonage we work hard at making sure our customers fully understand our proposed investment strategy and a key tool we use to project into …

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  • Paying for Advice

    Pound Sign

    After 2012, financial advisers will have to choose a path.

    Either, they can sell a simple range of products, which will have commission built in, so you don’t have to pay up front for their work.

    Or, they can be professionals – highly qualified and c…

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  • Taking Advice


    As I take the plunge myself, and become an un-shackled financial planner (I mean starting up in business), I’ve been wondering…What it is about financial advisers that makes us all think we can do better than what the already cluttered market place has…

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