Brexit investment update from Flora, Laura and Mal to our clients

The news this morning has shocked stock markets and we understand that you will want to know how your investments will be affected.

You might be wondering if you should sell out until the trouble blows over.  We expect lots of ups and downs in the next few months.  Even so, we are keeping our own investments in place because we are long-term investors and we think it's safer to keep the long term goals in mind. 

We would all miss out on the worst losses if we could.  However, it is very difficult to avoid the worst losses, without also missing out on the best gains, since they both tend to happen on single days.  After watching for quite a few decades now between us, we are still looking for proof that selling up for the short term really works.

Also, we design our investment mix for our cautious investors, our balanced investors and our income investors to fall less than the market does in these circumstances.  Our adventurous investors do expect to see bigger ups and downs.  If you want to test your own risk profile, our questionnaire is here

Of course, none of us know exactly what will happen and this is our opinion, not personal advice.  We will stay in touch with you to share our reactions as events unfold further.

Please do get in touch, we’re here for you.

With our best wishes, 
From Flora Maudsley-Barton and Malcolm Wallace

Malcolm Wallace

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