Marie Curie Fundraiser with Lymm Festival

The open gardens was a great success yesterday, thanks to all of you for your support. We raised over £100 for Marie Curie. Also, the large, unidentified plant was a “bowles perennial wallflower”. I paid 30p for it at a plant sale and now it’s huge.

Here's a little more information about our team

Q: Where would you be right now if you weren't at work?

A: Skiing

Q: In the film of your life, who would play you?

A: Nicolas Cage

Q: Curry or Hot Pot?

A: Curry

Q: Sherbert or Chocolate?

A: Chocolate

Q: Lawn or Flowers?

A: Lawn

Q: What are you most likely to do whilst being 'on hold'?

A: Browse pinterest. Or amazon.

Q: What type of work do you enjoy most?

A: Research, finding out stuff that other people just wonder about.