• Why do I have to change lender to get a better mortgage rate?

    You don't have to!

    Read on - if you have a mortgage it WILL be worth it.

    After advising on mortgages for the last fifteen years, I am at last seeing mortgage lenders start to make a real effort to help you stay on a competitive rate when your initi…

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  • Tax Changes Threaten Buy To Let Profits

    Profit Risk to Buy To Let 2017

    New tax rules will come into effect on 6 April 2017. They will make buy-to-let less profitable for many.

    What is Changing?
    Currently, landlords deduct mortgage interest from their rental income, along with other costs so they don't pay tax on the rent,…

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  • Rock-bottom mortgage rates to disappear

    Responding to increasing fears that the UK could be on the edge of another housing bubble, The Bank of England took steps at the end of November to quash the increasing tide of new mortgages.

    Concerns around any new bubble in the housing market have b…

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