Did you miss the chance to save tax?

I’m talking about pension contributions.

Those of us lucky enough to earn over £50,000 have just seen a reduction in the amount we can pay into our pensions.

That was part of a range of new measures, each measure will affect someone; If you have been paying more than £50,000 into your pension, or if you were planning to make an extremely large pension contribution in the year you retire, or if you earn over £150,000 and you’re in a final salary scheme – especially if a significant pay rise is on the cards.

At the other end of the scale, if you’re almost 60 and your entire pension pot is worth just under£18,000 you may be affected, too.

The rules changed immediately they were announced on 14th October, so if you recognise any of those, you’ll need to do some rapid reading-up, or get some advice.