Siri for business

Siri really works.

It’s great for my business and here’s my list of top 5 best things it does for me.

1 sending texts verbally is great when I’m on the move. Much quicker than navigating to the text function then to the right person and typing.

2 dictating my emails to people instead of using the fiddly keyboard.

3 I dictate my letters and meeting notes into an email now. And then send them to myself and paste them into a more useful format.

4 l Siri also gets a lot of commands like ?,() etc

5 when you absolutely need to know what movie somebody was in, you can ask Siri that as well.

Just prove it, I have dictated this blog post onto Siri and doing hardly any formatting afterwards.

Just a word of warning though, Siri did change one of my clients’ names to “idiot”. I can’t tell you what the name really was because it’s an uncommon name and you might know her.