What's on my desk right now

  • 10 New Year’s Resolutions for your Financial Planning

    The economies on both sides of the Atlantic might be showing clear signs of an upturn as we start the New Year, but that doesn’t mean we can suddenly afford to ignore our personal financial planning. So in the best traditions of New Year here are ten f…

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  • Squeezing better value out of your pension

    Squeeze value

    At this time of year, I get lots of annuity enquiries.  That gives me lots of work to do and lots of case studies to blog about.  Today, I’ll tell you about Mr T.

    He’s coming up for age 65 in June, so we met in November to do a bit of pre-retirement w…

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  • Final Call for “Early Retirement”

    Work or retire

    On April 6th, the earliest age people can draw pension benefits rises from 50 to 55.

    If you’re 30 now, you might file that under “whatever”.

    If you’re between 50 and 54 now, you might want to think about whether the change will affect you.  Obviously…

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  • Redundancy Double Whammy

    double whammy

    If you’re unlucky/lucky enough to be facing redundancy soon, with a big severance payment, you might well be expecting your money on 31 March? It seems to be a popular date.

    Take great care in advance if you’ve got any tax planning in mind: The last d…

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  • Investing for long-term income

    investing for a long-term income

    I’ve four similar cases on the go at the moment, all at different stages, all investing for long-term income.

    Drs H invested for income two years ago, when he retired.  Our second annual review will be on Friday.  I’ve begun preparing for that, with a…

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  • Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

    breaking up is hard to do

    No, this isn’t a public flogging for my hubby (even though he didn’t empty the dishwasher this morning), this is about other people’s divorces.

    I advise a lot of people on the financial implications and consequences of splitting up, you see.


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  • Tax or Money

    tax or money?

    Tax or Money?  It seems to be that simple for Mr H, an imminent recipient of a Decent-Sized Redundancy Cheque.  He wants to keep the tax burden down, and needs an income.  Fair enough, but where to draw the line???

    That’s what I’m working out for him.…

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  • What’s on my desk right

    what's on my desk, right now?

    I’m starting this as a new category…not as much detail as a case study, just an insight into what I do every day. Today I’ve been doing mostly research for cases I’m working on…

    Adam and Anita (*) are old enough to be retired, even though they’re not …

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