Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

breaking up is hard to do

No, this isn’t a public flogging for my hubby (even though he didn’t empty the dishwasher this morning), this is about other people’s divorces.

I advise a lot of people on the financial implications and consequences of splitting up, you see.

Sometimes, they need help with carving up the marital assets.  The house and and bank accounts are easy, but what about investments? pensions?  Especially pensions, as they can be worth more than the house.

Sometimes, they need help protecting maintenance payments, to make sure that the income keeps coming even if ex-hubby gets ill or dead (they still won’t pay if you murder him, so don’t bother thinking of that as a strategy.  It won’t work).

What’s my advice in a nutshell? – Try Relate! (it’s a lot cheaper)