At Parsonage, we deal with many types of events, not all of them joyous.  Divorce is said to be one of the most traumatic events in a person’s life, an event made even more devastating by undignified financial battles.  The key to a smoother divorce process is to avoid firmly putting your head in the sand and proactively seek solutions.  Fairly dividing assets when you divorce and ensuring you still have enough income is vital, especially when trying to obtain credit, such as another mortgage.

Remember also if you have children, that their needs will change as they grow older, and the financial planning as part of your divorce will need to take this into consideration.

Parsonage will help you to assess both your current and future needs, when working towards an amicable divorce.  We are experienced in this sensitive field, our female adviser is adept at dealing with the technical and emotional issues you face, such as

  • investigating financial products to protect maintenance payments and ensure you, or your ex-spouse, receive the income you need after the divorce is complete
  • implementing pension sharing orders and keeping you involved throughout the process
  • addressing joint debts