Particularly prevalent in times of recession, redundancy is rarely a welcome surprise.  Parsonage can’t help you to find another job, but can identify financial solutions to assist you during this difficult period, until you’re back on your feet.  For example, you may be able to claim if you have unemployment cover and we can also discuss ways of paying your mortgage until you find another job.

This may be a disheartening time, but Parsonage will work with you to keep your finances on track; focusing on your money whilst you focus on finding alternative employment.

  • Carrying out a financial health-check – how you can reduce your outgoings and debts after facing redundancy
  • Discussing how best to invest any redundancy payout, including reviewing whether you should reduce or repay your mortgage
  • Evaluating old pension schemes to see whether they would be better combined to make the costs lower and make the pensions easier to keep track of
  • Examining the potential effects of a pension funding gap if you decide to change careers

Download the guide to our employment change – redundancy counselling service here.