Investment review

We will review and monitor your investments, and we can take over managing your portfolio if you have lost contact with your previous adviser.

Our clients welcome our investment review service because they see that it is essential to look after their investments and portfolios so they work effectively.

You can expect our investment review service to include:

  • Checking your objectives and your timescale. Have your plans changed?  A portfolio can only be as good as its relevance to your investment needs.
  • Checking how your risk profile has changed – For example, do you want to take more risk? Less risk? More income? Do you need to schedule any withdrawals soon?
  • Monitoringthe fund-performance of each fund within your portfolio over the period since we last undertook a review
  • Comparing that performancewith each fund’s peers
  • Evaluating the performance of the whole portfolio
  • Recommending adjustments to reflect your changing objectives, and implementing those investmentadjustments for you

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