Which mortgage is right for you?

Mortgage advice

Most of our clients, new and retained, are aware of the vast array of mortgage products available and welcome our help in finding a good one.

We will save you time, highlighting only those mortgages that will be appropriate for your individual circumstances and requirements, whether it’s your first mortgage, you are moving home or remortgaging, to get a better deal on your current house.

It may be that you are looking to assist your business by applying for a commercial mortgage, whether raising funds through releasing some of the equity in your home/business premises or acting on your accountant’s advice and improving the tax treatment of your mortgage costs.

  • analysing fees, repayments and exit costs to investigate a mortgage or remortgage product for you
  • examining options including repayment holidays and overpayments, fixed rates, flexible mortgages/remortgages and current account mortgages
  • sourcing mortgage payment protection insurance if required, after discussing whether it will work for you

It's important to get it right.  After all:
Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

Our fees are either a combination of fee and commission:
An initial fee of £150 to research and obtain a mortgage agreement in principle for you.

We will also receive commission from the mortgage lender in addition to the fee we have charged you, this will be disclosed on the Key Facts Illustrations / European Standardised Information Sheet you will receive relating to your chosen mortgage. Where any commission received from the lender (in addition to your fees) covers our minimum fee, no further fees will be payable. However, ifthe commission is less than £1,000, we will charge you a fee to make up the difference.

For example, £150 due before we begin a decision in principle.  Commission due from the lender is £630 so we charge you £370

Or fee only:
An upfront initial fee of £500 to research and obtain a mortgage agreement in principle.  A further fee of £2,000 will become payable when the lender produces a mortgage offer. Total £2,500 to research and source a mortgage.  Any commission or fee that we receive from the lender will be refunded to you or will be offset against your fee.