Shareholder protection insurance is like life assurance, for your business.

If your business has a value, have you thought about how your family could get at that value if you were to die? They could come in and run the business -  imagine that! Or could arrange a sale, but both options would take time.

With shareholder protection, we put in place enough life assurance to match to the value of your share in the business so that a cash value is available at the right time.

Shareholder protection works best when we analyse alongside your Legal Team. They can help with wording to suit all the shareholders. The right wording is also important to make sure that you don't risk your eligibility for business property relief.

We can also work with your accountant to help you decide what value to place on the business.

Our service covers the whole advice process, from considering the value of the business with you, to arranging cover and liaising with your legal team.

If you have worked hard to build your business to a value that your family would rely on, this is an important aspect of financial planning, please get in touch.