Do you have a pension for every past employer? Do you want to know what you should do with them all? It’s time to review your pensions?

Pension Reveiw
  • Final Salary Schemes, also known as Defined Benefit Schemes,
  • Money Purchase Schemes, Defined Contribution Schemes
  • Group Personal Pension Schemes
  • Personal Pension Plans
  • Self-Employed Pension Plans also known as Retirement Annuity Contracts also known as s226 plans.

But first, a warning! We have over thirty years’ expertise and we’re responsible – accountable to you – if we get it wrong. Who guarantees your satisfaction if you get it wrong? Our FREE pension review service takes all the hassle out of investigating your old pensions. We guarantee you’ll be happy with our advice because we will not charge you anything if you don’t like our recommendations! Doesn’t this sound easier than doing it yourself:

  1. We ask all your old pension companies for information about all your plans. Our initial enquiry has 21 questions and we keep chasing until we get every answer we need.
  2. We find out what you want from your pensions.
  3. We analyse the information we get back and compare it to our wealth of historic data, to make sure it makes sense.
  4. We look at the costs you are paying – are they good value? Private Pensions are generally cheaper than they once were.
  5. We review the investment performance of each of your plans, not just the fund you are already in, but all the funds you could be in.
  6. We decide what should be done with each plan and present you with our recommendations.
  7. If you agree with us, we’ll sort out all the messy paperwork so you don’t have to.
  8. We let your pension to pay our bill to help cashflow and save tax, if you want to.

No wonder our clients love this service. It could help you, couldn’t it?