Pension nest egg

Retiring now?  Once you reach retirement, there are still many options to make the most of your pensions and savings.  Parsonage will look at how you should draw your pension to your best advantage, perhaps investing in an annuity – an income for life, provided by an insurance company.  Or your circumstances may be better suited towards more specialist retirement options, such as an unsecured pension, scheme pension or drawing your benefit gradually (known as phased retirement).

Annuity products and other pension solutions can be complex, so take advantage of our specialist financial knowledge.  We have advised many people in your situation.

  • Considering your health to get the best annuity rates
  • Identifying best rates for converting pensions
  • Examining how an unsecured pension might suit you

Many people in retirement wish to maintain a stream of income, in addition to their pension and savings.  One way of doing this is to invest in shares or bonds, which will give you some security and allow your capital to gradually increase, long term.  Alternatively, you may simply wish to protect your capital.  We will advise the best way to achieve either of these aims.

Investments can provide the growth or additional income you require, but they need to be chosen carefully and monitored regularly.  There is always an element of risk involved, so Parsonage’s professional advice is vital when examining your options.

  • reviewing short-term and long-term retirement income strategies
  • forecasting the investment returns you can hope for, based on the level of investment risk you choose to take during your retirement
  • revising appropriate investment opportunities during retirement