Making a will should be a cornerstone of your lifetime planning and is the only way to take control and protect your family assets for the long term.  With the introduction of our new service, it doesn’t take long to organise.  Our unique will-while-you-wait package means you can meet our experts and walk away with a will in one visit.

Our service offers all types of will from the basic type that everyone should have at the very least, to the more sophisticated trust-based arrangements, which can form a crucial part of your inheritance tax planning.

In addition we can create a lasting power of attorney to ensure your wishes are respected, should you become incapacitated.

Do I need a will?

Most people do.  If you don’t have a valid will the Intestacy Rules will determine who inherits your wealth and possessions.  These rules were introduced in the ‘20s and rarely suit modern family arrangements.

Did you know that the Intestacy Rules:

  • Don’t give everything to the surviving spouse?
  • Don’t provide for an unmarried partner?
  • Don’t appoint guardians for any minors (children under 18) you leave behind?

A will gives you total control of your wealth.

What we offer

Our Will Service gives you 3 fixed-fee options: