Will Case study 1

Modern life is complex, and the intestacy rules are simple. While that might sound comforting, in reality if you die with out an effective will, it is unlikely that the intestacy rules will reflect your wishes.

A major block to passing along wealth is inheritance tax.  Inheritance tax can decimate the amount that you can pass along to your children, or other loved ones, but careful planning can substantially reduce the effect of this and other taxes.

Below are three case studies that illustrate just how different families can be and the difference that effective planning can make.

  • Case study 1
    Greg and Jane have lived together for 24 years and aren’t married.  Having a ‘wedding day’ was never a priority for them and they believe that they are effectively married, having three children, a mortgage and 24 years of living together…. Read  More
  • Case Study 2
    John and Sarah married 2 years agoJohn is 48 and Sarah is 33 and their daughter is 8 months old.  John also has 2 children, aged 12 and 10, by his previous marriage and his divorce settlement obliges him to pay £750 per month for them… Read More
  • Case Study 3
    Richard successfully runs a family business that he and his brother inherited from his late father.  Richard owns 75% of the company shares and he is the primary business generator for the business.  His brother, James owns the remaining 25% and is employed by the company on a part-time basis… Read More